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Killer Killer: After the largest and most tragic event in history, Future Foundation was set up in order to safeguard the world. Plus, a Special Crime Investigations department was established with the single goal of investigating strange and heinous homicide. Their latest recruit, Misaki Asano, is smart, happy, and hated bloody acts, but it does not stop her from trying to improve in a world filled with hopelessness. Paired with the eccentric slob Takumi Hijirihara, Misaki's first task is to analize several dead bodies at an idol's concert. Although Hijirihara solved the case quickly, the killer is soon found cleanly dismembered by a strange murderer called "Killer Killer." The only clue is a charming note left behind at the crime. Killer Killer has long eluded the Foundation, but the person ordering these slaughters may be someone close to them.