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The Wedding Eve

Shiki no Zenjitsu. Six stories collection with a realistic feel to them: 1.Shiki no Zenjitsu - Before she marries, two men spend the last day of their cohabitation together. 2.Azusa Nigou de Saikai - When her mother is not at home a father visits his daughter. 3.Monochrome no Kyoudai - After ten years two twin brothers gather for a drink. 4.Yume Miru Kakashi (1st part) - A man who left for the city ten years ago is returning to his home town for the wedding of his younger sister. 5.Yume Miru Kakashi (2nd part) - The returning brother reminds us of their rural childhood. 6. Juugatsu no Hakoniwa - An unknown girl moves in with a struggling author. 7. Sorekara - A cat observes her mysterious and rude owner 's actions.

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