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Akb49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei. The famous idol group AKB48 is admired by people everywhere and so Hiroko Yoshinaga. She dreams of becoming an AKB48 member but every audition gets in the way of stage fright. Yoshinaga has tried too many times and wants to try one more time before giving up for good. While uninterested in idols, Minoru Urayama wishes to help Yoshinaga make her vision come true. Disguising himself as a girl named "Urakawa Minori," he also participates in the AKB48 audition, aiming to get Yoshinaga to navigate the tryouts. Yet when both Yoshinaga and "Minori" are hired things go better than expected! When he joins the world of pop music, Minoru must keep keeping his secret all while promoting the dreams of Yoshinaga and pursuing one of his own.

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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: Manga