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+C Sword and Cornett

+C: Sword and Cornett. Belca Noctircus is a commoner's son and the Noctircus King. He is the third prince in the royal family of Noctircus and is the third in line for the throne. Shortly after returning from abroad, Hector, his brother, and Noctircus crown prince reveal his amibition to make peace with the Amonel, a race thought to be monsters but suddenly suffering from a chronic illness. Belca and his other older brother, Orcelito discover the plot behind the death of Hector and Belca is almost killed for it. And a roaming bard/scholar named Eco saves him. When Orcelito is taken over by Lagen, whose friend, a young nobleman, locks him up and manipulates him by Lagen's bidding and wishes to do things.

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