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Chat. Kang Hae Yo is the main character. She is no average girl from high school. She is in fact a jjang of her school and her gang is Seoul's most powerful. Yet she needs a husband and a regular life. But she can not. She's bloodied hot and she can't contain her temper if she encounters so-called wimps. The time set is in 2002. Every youngster gets to talk online from time to time. And Kang Hae Yo was no exception to this. Her net surname is "playgirl18′′. She doesn't really know her well around the internet, but her sub-jjjang, Yoon Ji Ni, teaches her so-called "essential stuff for chatting online" including being girly. Hae Yo's beginning to make a new life out of online chatting. She begins to think of talking online as her only path to life in the group. What's going to happen?

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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: Manhwa