Read Manhwa Ciel~The Last Autumn Story~

씨엘~더 라스트 어텀 스토리

Ciel~The Last Autumn Story~. The work describes the fantasy experience of one girl with the characteristic humor and imagination of the author. The elegance of Yvienne Magnolia opened the eyes of the little villagers she was living, but she never realized what her future would be, because it was too high for her to imagine at that time ... Yvienne flees to Lowood Institution for wizardry and witchcraft as the lord of the manor attempts to abduct her, she never thought of leaving behind her children. She meets fascinating people at the school, including January Lightsphere, who shines purple aura in contrast with his noble yet strange father, and Lariatte, the heir of an orthodox warrior father, who will be her closest friend.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Type: Manhwa