Dead Tube

学院里的杀人游戏 , dead tube 데드 튜브 , dead tube ~デッドチューブ~ , deadtube

Dead Tube is an online site that showed videos from the brutal to the sexual in nature. The more extreme the video, the more popular it becomes and online it is a strange business. Its showing exciting videos in secret, a game that puts life in danger online!! Tomohiro Machiya is part of the Film Research Club and has always enjoyed making film. One day he is approached by Mai Mashiro, an attractive girl on the swim club. She wants him to shoot her for two days straight, but, later he shoots her brutally killing one of their friends. But, someone else is blame for it, and she happilly told him that their video was very successful on Dead Tube.

  • Views: 8.3 M
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: Manga