Grisaia No Kajitsu - Sanctuary Fellows

le fruit de la grisaia - sanctuary fellows

grisaia no kajitsu – sanctuary fellows. mihama academy-on the surface, a closed learning environment designed to foster students who are at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison constructed to protect fruit that has fallen too far from its tree. whatever the circumstances behind its founding, mihama academy is currently home to five female students, all with their own "enrollment" reasons. for better or worse, each girl has developed a routine obligatory to her current situation; life is moving at an idle, but welcoming speed within mihama 's walls. but with the entrance of the first male student at the school, the almost preposterously opaque kazami yuuji, the mihama students begin to fall out of step with their expected rhythms. will yuuji prove to be the element that the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives again, or will their past weight prove to be too steep a wall to overcome? based on front wing 's visual novel, of the same name.

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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: Manga