Leviathan (lee Gyuntak)

심해수, 深海兽, 深海獸, 末世泽国, deepwater

Leviathan (Lee Gyuntak). After being gone for a long period, the young shaman Samizo Kohei returns from the dead with a apocaplyptic prophecy. Part of him has returned, most of his body has been replaced with the transplanted body parts of his former friends, all retaining their different personalities. He returns to his home in Shinjuku, where he works as a psychic surgeon in an unlicensed clinic. Here he works as the unofficial guards of the Shinjuku underground, solving paranormal murder mysteries, with the assistance of various bizarre mystics and semi-human allies. Meanwhile, the others wonder exactly what Kohei has become, and whether he has returned to prevent or to start an apocalypse, .

  • Views: 1.9 M
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: Manhwa