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Mirai Nikki. The reclusive middle school student Yukiteru Amano finds himself whisked into a violent survival game by the god of space and time, Deus Ex Machina, in which the victor inherits the boundless force of Deus. The 12 candidates, including Amano, are comprised of people who keep diaries daily, but there is a twist: each person's diary has been turned into a "Future Diary," making it capable of predicting the future to varying degrees. Amano has on his mobile a "Random Diary," which gives him detailed details of his world. He is reluctant to fight but his need for survival leads him to team up with fellow classmate and diary keeper Yuno Gasai, an attractive girl who has an strange fascination with Amano. But as this gruesome battle royale plays out, startling revelations are brought to light, altering this warped game's very existence.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Type: Manga