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Mew Mew Power

Tokyo Mew Mew. Igigo Momomiya, 13, is at a threatened animal show with her crush Masaya Aoyama when she is struck by a beam of light and sees a cat entering her body. The next day she starts demonstrating cat-like behaviour. A big beast attacks Masaya and turns Ichigo into a pink fairy girl with cat ears and a tail. A boy named Ryou Shirogane explains that the monster she fought was a Chimera Anima — alien parasites that infect and transform animals into giant monsters. The owner of a pink cafe called Cafe Mew Mew, Ryou and Keiichiro Akasaka planned to take the DNA of five Red Data Animals and use them as biological weapons by injecting them into Chimera Anima — They called the Mew Project an experiment. But the day before, because of an earthquake, the DNA was accidentally shot into Ichigo and four other girls she met outside the museum instead! Now a "biological weapon," Ichigo must fight the aliens and find potential teammates — all while keeping Masaya's feline identity a secret.

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  • Type: Manga