Who Made Me A Princess

suddenly became a princess one day

who made me a princess. the secondary character anastasia de alger obelia is the most pitiful of all, in the novel "the beautiful princess." her mother died at childbirth, and her father, emperor claude, never gave a single inch of love to her daughter. always looking for the smallest amount of parental affection, she was eventually framed for a crime and executed by the orders of her beloved father. when a modern-day japanese woman falls asleep with some sleeping pills, she wakes up in anastasia's infant body. knowing the unenviable fate that awaits her, she is determined to remain out of sight of her tyrannical father, so that she can never incur his wrath. but fate is not so kind, and she only meets him at the age of five. tossed out of the window of her initial idea, she is now trying to make her father so dear that he would never dream of hurting her. however, as many work for their own ends, their scheme is thrown into chaos — anastasia's biological "sister" jennette margarita is looking for a home, a high-ranking aristocracy is fighting for power, and the shadow of claude's history is threatening to kill everything he holds dear.

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