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Martial Movement Upheaval (English)

The Great Yan Empire resides in a environment where reverence can be won only by strength. The four great clans have also risen above the others within this Huge Yan Empire. Among them, a certain event in the Lin Clan culminated in the banishment of a certain adult who went on to establish his own family, hoping that the Lin Clan would once again remember them and accept them ... Hailing from a exiled Great Lin Clan household, when Lin Dong was very young, he observed, helpless, as his brilliant father was effortlessly humiliated and disabled by the great Lin Clan's incredible intellect, Lin Langtian. Ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been motivated by a deep intent with a distraught wife, a heartbroken grandfather and a hurting family; to take vengeance on the man who took all and more from his children. Equipped with nothing but courage and resolve, follow Lin Dong thus unknowingly finding a fate greater than he could ever hope to foresee as he stumbles across a mystical talisman of stone.

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