Yuusha-sama No Osananajimi To Iu Shokugyou No Make Heroin Ni Tensei Shita No De, Chougou-shi Ni Job Change Shimasu.

i reincarnated as the hero's childhood friend who was the losing love interest, so i changed jobs to alchemist.

yuusha-sama no osananajimi to iu shokugyou no make heroin ni tensei shita no de, chougou-shi ni job change shimasu. as i noticed a demon's fangs roaring in front of me ... i recalled at that moment "i've seen this before," i'm in the classic rpg universe that i used to enjoy in my former life. and i am ... a losing heroine, who is the childhood friend of the hero, but in the future will be forgotten by him! this character is the brave hero's childhood friend, she admitted to the hero before he went on his quest to kill the demon lord, and promises to wait for him until his return ... but after just an hour, her time on the screen ended there. to prevent this from happening, i'll leave the village, armed with the talent i've been working on to concocte magical potions on.and then, in the royal city, i aim to become an alchemist master. i'm not sure what the result of the original story was for the brave hero's childhood friend but ... i'm going to find a bright future on my own!

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